Forgetting the past dooms you to repeat it.

The Empire of Man fights it’s never ending war with it’s enemies. The countless chapters of Astartes bring the Emperor’s peace to all who stand in the way of expansion. As the legions execute their ten thousand year war they also pay tribute to the Inquisition with the best of the best by way of warriors for the Deathwatch.

The Vaults of Terra have broken open for the first time in millennia. The highest ranking historians of the Inquisition have been allowed in, only to return blinded with their tongues burned out and sent to mars to become servitors.

A black ship, a style unseen since the Horus Heresy, leaves Terra and enters the warpways. It arrived at Jericho Reach two weeks ago. Since then it’s hooded occupants along with the highest ranking Inquisitors or the Reach and the Watch Commander have been hidden away in secret meetings. In the mean time studies, exercise and drills have doubled.

A general rally is called for all members of the Deathwatch…

Dramatis Personae

Watch Commander Dak’gon- Formerly of the Salamanders. This man cuts an impressive figure even for a space marine. Clad in his Deathwatch black and shoulder of the Salamanders, he also holds two other relics of his former life, a long flowing red scaled cloak and a hand and a half power axe with the head of a dragon decorating it’s blade. Dak’gon is a somber man, a combination of the Nocturnean upraising he had and the horrors of the Xenos filth that he has defeated. In addition to his postion as Watch commander, Dak’gon leads Kill team Unum as it’s captain.

Brother Perago- A Black Shield. Outside of Watch Commander Dak’gon and Inquisitor Nihilia, no one knows anything of Perago’s past. The man lives a silent life of prayer and dedication to his craft of death, acting as one of Dak’gon’s assault marines for Kill team Unum

Brother Champion Victus- Watch Champion. Kill team Unum. Victus is formerly of the Black Templars. He earned his place and title as champion in the retrieval of a previous Champion’s body and geneseed. Five kill teams were sent in to retrieve the geneseed, told to scuttle all remaining brothers, equipment and their cargo. Not only did he return with the Champion’s body and their mission cargo but he also retrieved the progenoids of every other brother sent on the mission. Victus returned to the reach with his cargo in tow, being taken to an interrogation chamber for 6 days straight, leaving it clad in new artificer armor and wielding an ancient Power sword and shield.

Brother Chaplain Wrax Strang- Former Storm Lord. Chaplain to the Watch. Member of Kill team Unum. Takes his role as Chaplain very seriously. Wrax reveals very little about himself personally and few knew him before he became Chaplain of the Deathwatch.

Brother Veteran Hastus- Formerly of the Dark Angels. The weapons specialist for Kill Team Unum. If it has a trigger Hastus can and has shot it in battle.

Brother Veteran Nicodemus- Formerly of the Honored Sons. Long Range Specialist of Kill Team Unum. Nicodemus carries a specially modified Stalker Pattern Bolter along with his standard issue Godwyn pattern bolter on every mission allowing him to seamlessly flow from long range sniping to mid and close rnage engagements. His battle dedication is matched by few in the teams and when he is not on missions spends time mentoring newer marines.

High Inquisitor Nihilia- The High Inquisitor of the Watch fortress and the commander of the Ordos Xenos forces. Born to Terra, the woman is unwavering in her views and hatred of the alien. Half of her brain is replaced with cybernetic implants, allowing her to speak countless languages both of human and alien origin.

Keeper Eisen and Drake- High Inquisitor Nihilia’s personal Astartes guards. Both are silent, wear Grey knight pattern armor and wield enormous glaives. Nothing, not even their faces are known outside of an inner circle in the Watch.

Litilus Attilasan- A Rogue trader hired by the imperium to provide a fleet of deep space warp capable ships for missions.

Conservator Mercutio- One of the newly arrived conservators from Terra. Leader of a newly reformed corp of remembrancers.

Remembrancer Frastus- A painter

Remembrancer Chaldia- A musician

Remembrancer Magdela- Poet

Alteram Noctem

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